Signs Of A Struggle


I ♥ Trade-Offs

I’ve recently asked several internal stakeholders for feedback on a new product idea pitch, to build a first version of something that potentially has a high return, but also contains a lot of unknowns for us (in terms of business value). A classic bet.

As our team is using Shape Up to build products, the pitch mentioned a very specific appetite of 3 weeks, 2 developers and 1 UX designer.

Can you guess what happened?


And it reminded me just how much I love trade-offs. This will be fun!

Side note: I mean this with absolutely zero sarcasm. Problem-solving within constraints, making hard and deliberate decisions about what to do and what not to do, steering discussions and lobbying for understanding – I cannot image a more fulfilling role.

One thought on “I ♥ Trade-Offs

  1. Namaste Sir,

    How did you discover the Problem ?
    How did you end up with solution list ?
    Did you use any process or methodology or JTBD … ?


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