Signs Of A Struggle


Unconscious & Breathing

There’s a german saying that “laughter is the best medicine”, and for exhausted parents like my wife and I, we found a bit of a pain killer in Michael McIntyre’s comedy. Of course, pain killers always just cover up the symptoms and don’t fix the issue. But we’ll take it.

My personal and very relatable highlight:

You never love your children more than when they’re unconscious but still breathing. It’s a lovely moment.

Michael McIntyre

Beyond that, I found a lot of similarities between Michael’s bid on childless couples vs. parents and how my wife and I keep reminding ourselves how we had absolutely ZERO real problems when we didn’t have kids yet. Of course, you only ever know afterward, and perception is relative.

How I miss getting up and having a shower and then coffee in the morning all by myself.

How utterly unimaginable this feels now.


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